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Mind-mapping for easier comprehension

If you’ve been going through our Sejarah course short-notes, you’ll notice that we’re really big on mind maps. Heck, our entire Sejarah Show is basically a super mind map. While it’s easy to dismiss mind-maps as ‘extra’ or an Internet age trend, mind-mapping as a thinking tool as actually been...


5 Tips Untuk Belajar Sejarah

“Cikgu, 24 jam sehari mana cukup! Ada banyak subjek yang nak kena belajar dan hafal”. Ini antara keluhan yang paling popular kami dengar daripada kalangan pelajar tiap kali mereka diminta melakukan kerja rumah Sejarah. Rata-rata pelajar mempunyai 6-10 subjek yang perlu diulang kaji dan pelajari...


Although I’ve never met her, Cikgu Mahani’s teaching style is perfect for me. I can easily understand an entire chapter after watching her videos.

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Issabelle Voon Jia Yi SMK Lutong, Sarawak

The best part about these videos is that you can watch the topics weeks before it is being taught in school and more importantly, you could watch them repeatedly until it's really in your brain (something you can't do in school)! Vydhourie R.T Thiyageswara SMK Convent Klang, Selangor

The seminars, tutorial videos and exercises in freeschool.my really helped my compression of SPM subjects. A bouquet of thank you flowers to freeschool.my for being the reason behind my straight As (11A) in SPM 2017. Tharma Seelan SMK Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan

For students who cannot afford to go for tuition, you should watch EduNation as you can watch it all for free and even download notes. I think students should take advantage of this free solution and use it to help them do better in school. Syamila Hanani Bt. Azlan SMK Banting, Selangor