SPM is an important examination for Form 4 and Form 5 high school students in Malaysia. Therefore, this article provides you the smartest and fastest way to prepare and Score A. Read on for SPM tips, activate free SPM tuition online, prepare and study for your SPM examination with SPMflix.com.

Tip 1: Activate Your Free Online Tuition

Click here to sign-up for your free SPMflix.com account to have unlimited access to lesson videos, e-books, webinar and seminar. Moreover, SPMflix.com provides both English and Malay medium, catering to Tingkatan 4 and Tingkatan 5 subjects. Briefly, the subjects available are as follows:

  1. Weekly Hot Picks (Tingkatan 5 / Form 5)
  2. Sejarah Show
  3. Weekly Hot Picks (Tingkatan 4 / Form 4)
  4. Siri Eskperimen
  5. Tingkatan 5 Matematik
  6. Tingkatan 5 Sejarah
  7. Tingkatan 5 Kimia
  8. Tingkatan 5 Prinsip Perakaunan
  9. Tingkatan 5 Perdagangan
  10. Tingkatan 5 Ekonomi Asas
  11. Form 5 Principles of Accounting
  12. Form 5 Additional Mathematics
  13. Form 5 Mathematics
  14. Form 5 Physics
  15. Form 5 Chemistry
  16. Form 5 Biology
  17. Form 5 Science
  18. Tingkatan 4 Sejarah
  19. Tingkatan 4 Matematik Tambahan
  20. Tingkatan 4 Kimia
  21. Tingkatan 4 Matematik
  22. Tingkatan 4 Perdagangan
  23. Tingkatan 4 Prinsip Perakaunan
  24. Tingkatan 4 Ekonomi Asas
  25. Form 4 Additional Mathematics
  26. Form 5 Mathematics
  27. Form 4 Science
  28. Form 4 Principles of Accounting
  29. Form 4 Physics
  30. Form 4 Chemistry
  31. Form 4 Biology

Tip 2: Watch and Learn Anytime and Anywhere

Learning through visuals area easy and stress-free. In addition, the video lessons are made in digestible chunks to maintain your attention span and focus. To note, each video is illustrated and narrated by experienced Malaysian teachers. This follows the national school syllabus and endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

Tip 3: Study Smart Not Hard

Reading the same thing over and over again is boring. Hence, the provided points are easier to remember and relate to. To add, e-Notes are available to accompany the lesson videos. These e-Notes comprises of notes, diagrams, charts, and drawings that will help to reinforce learning.

Tip 4: Test Yourself Immediately

As soon as you learn something new, lock-in that knowledge with a quiz or a test. The lesson videos are accompanied with quizzes that you can use to challenge yourself.

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