1.5 Short Notes: Refraction of Waves

Refraction of Wave

Drawing Refracted Waves

  • When water wave travel from deep area to shallow area, it will refracted towards normal line.
  • Water wave will refract away from the normal line when travelling from shallow area to deep area.

Example question on refraction of waves

In Figure 1.20, a basin containing water is tilted. A drop of water is released into the basin. Draw the pattern of wave fronts in the basin.


Wave formation that travel to the left is slower while the one heading to the right is faster.


  • How waves can be refracted?
  • Why frequency of a wave does not change when being refracted?
  • Sketch the pattern of wave fronts when the wave propagates through a shallow area and parallel to the normal line.


  • When there is a change in speed when passing a through a medium to another medium.
  • The wave is coming from same source.