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With SPMflix, self-directed learning comes full circle. Focus only on what you need to learn, at your own pace and in your preferred style with the convenience of a Virtual Learning Environment. SPMflix comes complete with SPM content presented through a variety of engaging, immersive formats that will enable learning, facilitate recall and most importantly, help you score better!

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Choose who, what ,where and how you want to study. With your laptop, notebook or smartphone, you can work independently or in groups - in the classroom, your secret quiet place, outdoors in the park or in the company of all your friends.

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With a comprehensive library of content based on the latest Malaysian Form 4 and Form 5 syllabus, elevate your learning experience with high-quality content produced by Malaysian teachers and educators.

  • Comprehensive SPM lesson videos based on the Malaysian school syllabus
  • Revision SPM e-Notes (featuring handy short-notes and Frequently Tested Questions)
  • Revision events including our weekly TanyaCikgu e-Tuition and annual SPM Seminar
  • Browse top picks by editors

About BACflix.com

Launched in September 2017 by Brickfields Asia College and with the support of the Ministry of Education, BACflix advocates for and is in full support for Malaysia’s ongoing education transformation journey. BACflix is committed to championing this transformation with initiatives aimed at accelerating the adoption of critical 21st Century Learning skills and practices. These initiatives include:

  • Local education content development in collaboration with Malaysian teachers and educators. All contents developed are tailored specifically for Malaysian education needs and based on the national school syllabus.
  • Teacher and school engagements including 21st Century Learning workshops and training
  • Student support services including on-line and in-person exam prep programs, revision material production (including exam short-notes and free revision books.

All activities, programs and initiatives are offered to Malaysian students, teachers and parents completely free-of-charge with all costs offset by parent sponsor, Brickfields Asia College.


The BAC Education Group is dedicated to transforming lives through education. Our mission is to provide a complete education ecosystem that creates real impact by producing global graduates with skills that transcend cultures and geographic borders.

With our network of world-class partner universities and professional organisations, we offer you an unparalleled education. Our holistic ecosystem of over 25 entities gives you a strong grounding to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution, develops your soft skills and creativity and instills the confidence to ride the wave of change in an increasingly globalised environment.

Our vision is to nurture the next generation of innovative leaders with a futuristic mindset. BAC alumni can count themselves among the first Industry 4.0-enabled graduates in Malaysia who are future-ready, versatile, adaptable and most importantly, relevant.

Own your future. Join the education revolution @ BAC.